Experience Nora

I met Desie when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my second child. Partly because of her, my delivery became a very pleasant experience. In the end I gave birth, after 42 weeks and 3 days, without medical pain relief, in the MMC hospital  in Veldhoven in an inflatable birthing bath, to a healthy baby girl. In medical terms, I had a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarian), and then under water as well.

Without the continuous support during my pregnancy and delivery, I would have had an entirely different birth.

She also guided me very well in making a clear birth plan, she accompanied me to hospital, at my request, when I was over 40 weeks, and she helped to realize my care demand outside of hospital guidelines.

The pro’s of Desie as a person

I myself believe that everyone has both male and female “energy” in themselves. With me that male energy is strongly represented. I stand up for myself very well and I think Desie radiates a very warm, feminine, calm energy. I was able to use Desie`s softness during labor to stay close to myself and to turn inward and surrender to giving birth. I really liked her coaching. Her continuous attention to my breathing and my use of voice helped very well to cope with the contractions. If I hadn`t had that support from her, I wouldn`t have had this wonderful birth. My husband is a sweetheart who can pass out at the sight of blood. My mother is also an angel, however, she is not a doula with the knowledge of a doula. Where she worried, Desie remained confident. I really liked her support and left communication with the hospital staff as much as possible to Desie which gave me peace and space.

Facts about doula’s

A doula has several “extras“ to make your delivery go gentle. She has known you for a long time and knows your preferences. Having her by your side can help you feel more comfortable when giving birth in hospital. A doula is present during your entire delivery, which is very important for the hormone balance and gives you the best chance on a smooth delivery. A doula is neutral, because she isn`t medically responsible. Because of her presence a doula provides “informed consent“, as stated in the WGBO. This means that she helps to apply the BRAINS method, so that you, as a woman in labor, remains in control. Besides all this she is also there for your partner. A doula doesn`t replace your partner but supports both of you. My husband, for example, was very happy she was there.

Background information

My first child was born with a caesarean section, scheduled by me because of a breech position and no contractions, because my child was no longer descended deep into my pelvis due to a version attempt. I was still very young and had never heard of a doula. I wanted to do that differently the second time. I wanted to do everything I could to maximize the chance of a natural birth without medical intervention. I already gathered some information about the risks of vaginal birth after a caesarean section, and Desie used her doula network for further information.

Six weeks after the delivery I had the last official meeting with Desie and she shared some nice details about the delivery that I missed. This is also very nice.

When I met her for the first time I expressed my concerns and doubts about whether I would be able to give birth vaginally this time. She took my hand and said “you can do this“. That touched me deeply in my heart and, as very pregnant as I was, I chose Desie.


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