Pregnancy and postpartum massage

A pregnancy, giving birth and taking care of a newborn all demand a lot from your body. During this period of your life it’s therefore extra important to take good care of yourself. A lot of women experience trouble sleeping, holding fluids and/or shoulder and back pains. I really enjoy supporting woman during this intense period in their lives by giving them a relaxing massage. A massage is more than just a moment of relaxation. It helps your body to remove fluids and waste products. It improves the quality of your sleep and reduces pain in, for example, shoulders and back. In addition, a massage reduces the production of stress hormones.

From 14 weeks of pregnancy until your baby is 9 months old, I would very much like to give you a massage. I’ll come to your house and take everything we need with me. I have a prenatal massage table with cutouts for your breasts and belly. This allows you to lie comfortably on your belly while it is supported. We discuss your wishes and any complaints in advance. There is also room to discuss any questions about pregnancy, childbirth and/or the postpartum period you might have. We take all the time we need, I’ll be happy to help you.

The massage lasts approximately 60 minutes. I massage firmly, with love and sincere attention to you and your needs.

Overview and price massage at home

  • I’ll come to your house
  • You don’t have to think about anything, I’ll bring all the necessities
  • I have a prenatal massage table. Thanks to the belly and chest cutouts, you can lie comfortable on your stomach
  • We’re in no rush, I’d love to hear your story and have time to answer any questions (only if wanted of course)
  • The total body massage is focusing on relaxation and will last 60 minutes
  • After the massage you can dive directly into your bed or continue with fresh energy

Price 60min relaxation massage at home:


This price does not include travel and parking costs. I live in Eindhoven and charge €0.30/km.

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