My name is Desie, I was born in 1979 and together with my family I live in Eindhoven.

After obtaining a physics degree, I have been working in a research & development department since 2003. My evidence based mindset has been nurtured and developed by this environment and together with my down-to-earth mentality this defines me as a Doula.

My interest in becoming a Doula started growing after giving birth to my own three children. I attended many trainings and conferences to explore this interest. I’m active as a Doula since 2017 and I completed my education at BiA-Doulatraining. I am a certified member of the National Association for Doula’s (NBvD).

Not only babies are BeingBorn during labor; also mothers and fathers are BeingBorn. My biggest motivation of being a Doula is to give all of them the best possible start of this new adventure. I wish for every parent to not only have a memorable birth, but also a memorable process of BeingBorn. That you not endured it, but that you experienced and owned it. I’m passionately dedicated to achieving this.