Everyone of us is unique; we all have our own desires and wishes. I will adjust the service I give to match what you need.

As the success of my work depends solely on your trust, it is important for us to explore whether we have a connection.

Therefore, we will start with an introductory meeting.


If there is a match, we will start planning our pre-birth appointments. Some examples of topics we can cover during these appointments are:

  • the different stages of birth
  • exploring what type of birth appeals to you most
  • comfort measures during labor
  • your birth plan
  • the needs of your partner
  • previous experiences
  • birth positions
  • … etc.


As of 37weeks pregnancy I will be on call for you 24/7. I will be with you during the delivery from the moment you want me there and I will not leave until you are comfortable and confident with your newborn.


During the first week I will pay you a short visit just to see how you are doing and answer any questions you might have.

After 4-6 weeks we will plan a post-birth appointment during which we will talk about how you experienced the birth. Often I can help to fill in some memory gaps. This will be our last official meeting; after this my Doula service is completed.

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